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loft in north london

pulished in
iszw – innere szene wien, cd-rom edition, magazin WOHNEN 04/2002



the conceptualisation of this north london loft extension is informed by the client's wish to have both library and work space separated from the existing premises: 'I want to have a place, where I can go to and be on my own'. as the client wanted to spend his daytime in a quaint and focused atmosphere, the new shelter for writing should also be embedded in a green surrounding. the upper flat of a converted victorian terraced house was without any access to garden grounds, so a vertical solution had to be conceived: the design of an autonomous unit essentially recalls the essence of a simple garden shed, yet by its positioning on top of a building with uninterrupted views across north london it creates a slightly absurd but inspiring setting.

supported by a prefabricated steel construction the pod is lowered into the void of the butterfly roof at a precisely chosen level to retain the existing victorian street elevation on the one hand, while allowing for these clear views as mentioned from within the library on the other hand. new stairs replace an existing hatch for functional and comfortable access to the new library. in response to the strong exposure of the site to sunlight all openings are carefully positioned in accordance with the sun's path and special awnings are fixed on the outside to ensure best light and working conditions throughout the year. moreover, the notion of moving is not only part of the visual expression of the design but also a key feature in its structural concept: prefabricated steel beams and timber panels make it easily dis/mountable.


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